Inservice Title: Learning 2.0 Project

Inservice Description:

Develop, Implement, and Evaluate a Learning 2.0 project as "Action Research"

Pedagogic Framework

Projects are organized around "Inquiry Learning" and "Understanding By Design" principles - using student inquiry as a starting point for learning activities organized around "Core Quesions":

  • Framed for maximal simplicity and worded in student-friendly language.
  • Chosen to provoke discussion.
  • Positioned tolead to larger essential and unit ideas.

Technology Components:


  • Teachers use digital projectors and the web to access outside resources;
  • Teachers design webquest activities for exploring resources and web-based social learning environments
  • Teachers use lab visits and class time to train students to access new online environments


  • Students access the web 2.0 environment from home, giving them more active learning time;
  • Students sustain engagement in a subject/activity over time, across deepening levels of engagement.
  • Students produce formative self and peer evaluations

Credit Hours:

  • Required: 30 (as project pilot: includes planning, resource development, implementation and student learning evaluation)
  • Optional: 15 (as Action Research: includes project model evaluation)

Project Management


  • Planning and Resource Development: 8 Weeks
  • Implementation: 4 Weeks
  • Project Evaluation: 2 Weeks
  • Conference Presentation Prep: 1 week


  • Develop Project Proposal (5 hours)
  • Develop Resources and Online Environment (10 hours)
  • Implement Project (15 hours)
  • Evaluate Project (10 hours)
  • Conference Presentation (5 hours)
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