Student Evaluation: Beat Japan

The attached Word Document has the following components:

The Summative Report to Shareholders is used for team evaluations, and is a produced report explaining how the company went from a starting balance of $10 Million (in 1940 dollars) to wherever they ended up at the end of the simulation.  Because shareholders expect to make a profit, this provides a more "authentic" point of view than, for example, evaluating their performance as students in a learning project.

The Trustee Evaluation is each team member's evaluation of each other team member, providing a numerical grade for effectivness, effort and leadership.  It also includes feedback regarding attendance (identifying other members who missed too many board meetings to be considered for membership on next year's board), chairperson nomination (elevating another member to a leadership post), and personal nomination (which is an individual's vote for their company).

The Self Evaluation includes these questions:

  • Role: What role do you tend to play in board discussions?
  • Strengths: What strengths or contributions did you bring to the table?
  • Personal Improvement Plan: What steps would you take to improve your performance if you chose to continue to serve on this board of trustees?




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